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Ready-to-Use Tutorials on Molecular Structure - For most resources below, the free MDL Chime plugin (en espa�l) is required; Netscape 4.08/4.7x/4.8x works best. Netscape 6 and 7 do not work! Some of the resources below have been upgraded to work properly in Windows Internet Explorer (Win-IE) (but not Macintosh IE) -- see Chime: Browsers, Platforms, Installation, Troubleshooting. The resources below work on Windows or Macintosh PPC, but can also work on linux, SGI, and other unix platforms. MDL Chime: How to Use It. Amino Acid Quizzer. All of the resources on this page can be DOWNLOADED for use off the Internet (class projection or computer lab) or to see how they are constructed.
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