Jobs at NASA

Jobs at NASA
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Today there are more opportunities than ever before that await each and every one of you who wants to reach for the stars. In the 21st century, your generation is going to lead the worldand possibly, even leave this world to live on another. These opportunities might lead to adventures such as living on the International Space Station; or working on a research station on a near-Earth asteroid; developing a colony on Mars; or peering thousands of trillions of miles into the vastness of space, looking for Earth-sized planets, and searching for an answer to the big question: Are we alone? Exploring heavens brings advances here on Earth that we have yet to imagine. But we should also pursue these missions because theres more to life than survival and consumption. Are these goals bold? Yes. Are the missions risky? Yes. Is there a chance we could fail? You bet. New frontiers in space and on Earth are always risky and often dangerous. But don't be afraid to dream. Now its your turn. Take your place in history. Join the NASA team.
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