SAMNET - The UK Sub-Auroral Magnetometer Network

SAMNET - The UK Sub-Auroral Magnetometer Network
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SAMNET is one of the UK National Facilities for Solar Terrestrial Physics (STP) funded by PPARC. We currently operate 5 stations equipped with fluxgate magnetometers which continuously record natural variations in the Earth's magnetic field. In addition we also archive 1 second resolution data from 5 IMAGE magnetometers (standard IMAGE resolution is 10s) and also data from 3 British Geological Survey magnetometers. The magnetometer data contains information about the complex interactions within the coupled Solar Wind-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere system. The data is freely available for bona-fide research purposes, subject to the Rules of the Road. Registered users can request data from either the 1s or 5s data archives. Registered users can also create online, user-defined plots (magnetograms). Please check the data catalogue before requesting data or plots. Further information and links to all our data services, including registration, can be found on the homepage.
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