NASA Earth Science Department Weather Research

NASA Earth Science Department Weather Research
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Research Disciplines: Archeology Atmospheric Electricity & Lightning Atmospheric Modeling Information Management Infrared Remote SensingLand Processes Microwave Remote Sensing Surface Hydrology & Remote SensingSpaceflight & Field Projects: LIS Lightning Imaging Sensor AMSR-E Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer ACES Airborne Lightning Research CAMEX Airborne Hurricane Research Major Research Areas: Short-Term Prediction - Addressing how weather forecasts can be improved by new-space based observations SPoRT Forecasting and Technology Test Bed Landscape Dynamics and Societal Impacts - Examining what changes are occurring in land cover and land use, and their impact on global change, and the quality of life. Urban Heat Island Climate Variability and Climate Change - Addressing how global precipitation, evaporation and water cycle are changing and their impacts on global sustainability. Global Temperatures Mesoamerican Monitoring and Visualization System Collaborative Research (Universities): Air Quality and Atmospheric Chemistry - Understanding the effects of regional pollution on the global atmosphere, and the effects of global chemical and climate change on regional air quality. Atmospheric Chemistry (UAH) Infectious Diseases and Climate (UAH) Interactive Visualization (UAH) Radiative Effects of Aerosols (UAH)
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