Global Warming Early Warning Signs Map

Global Warming Early Warning Signs Map
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Global temperature in 1998 was the hottest in the historical record, and the temperature increase over the 20th century is likely to be the highest of the past millennium. Global average temperatures have warmed about one degree Fahrenheit (0.6?C) since 1900. The ten warmest years on record have occurred since 1987, seven of them since 1994. This map illustrates the local consequences of global warming. Dr. Sharon Locke of the University of Southern Maine and Dr. Susanne Moser of the Union of Concerned Scientists researched, categorized, and described the events featured on this world map and completed a map update in January 2003 based on the latest scientific findings. This updated map builds on work originally undertaken by the Sierra Club and extended by Dr. Janine Bloomfield and Molly Smith of Environmental Defense and Dr. Sharon Locke for the first edition, published in 1999. The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) has developed background materials on the map for scientists and map curriculum materials for high school teachers.
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