Lost City Expedition 2003

Lost City Expedition 2003
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Please join us on our cruise of discovery to the Lost City Hydrothermal Field at the summit of the Atlantis Massif, 30N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. During this 32 day expedition, 24 scientists onboard the research vessel the Atlantis will dive deep into the ocean to explore active limestone chimneys that rise 200 feet above the seafloor. We will also sample and grow microorganisms that may provide information key to understanding the development of early life on Earth, and use a free swimming robot to create a high resolution map of this field--which is unlike any hot spring system yet discovered on our planet. The Lost City vent field is unlike any seafloor hot spring system yet found, and it is likely that exciting new discoveries will be made during this 32-day expedition. Using the submersible Alvin and the free-swimming robotic vehicle ABE, we will explore, map, and sample this novel environment.
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