Chemical and Biological Sciences at Ames Laboratory

Chemical and Biological Sciences at Ames Laboratory
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Within Chemical and Biological Sciences, three research divisions existEnvironmental Sciences, Fundamental Interactions and Molecular Processes. Environmental Sciences researchers study the chemical and physical aspects of chemical carcinogenesis by advanced laser techniques. They are also working to develop new approaches and to improve on existing technologies relevant to gene mapping and to DNA sequencing. The Fundamental Interactions division consists of Chemical Physics, in which research on the fundamental reactions in combustion and the nature of heterogeneous catalysis is performed, and Photochemical and Radiation Sciences, in which group members perform research on the fundamental processes in biological solar energy conversion. The Molecular Processes division consists of Chemical Energy, which is focused on catalysis, and Chemical Separations and Analysis, which is focused on analytical applications. Current projects in the Chemical Energy area include chemical kinetics and reactivity of transition metal complexes, new synthetic routes to inorganic catalytic materials using organometallic precursors and molecular "stepping stones", spectroscopic and kinetic characterization of metal oxide catalysts, spectroscopic and phenomenological studies of catalysts and advanced materials, and organometallic complexes in homogeneous catalysis. Chemical Separations and Analysis projects are in the areas of analytical separations, analytical spectroscopy, lasers in analytical chemistry, chemical analysis at liquid-solid interfaces, and metal hydride batteries.
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