Operations Research & Financial Engineering at Princeton

Operations Research & Financial Engineering at Princeton
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We are taking part in creating a new discipline within engineering; a discipline dedicated to solving the problems arising from the complexity of the human society, from the activities and aspirations of the human beings. Unlike other disciplines of engineering, our problems do not originate in physics or chemistry. Our problems originate from economics and history and such, and the only tools we have at our command are derived from mathematics, in fact, the mathematics of the last 50 years. Princeton University is an educational institution, not an institution for training individuals to perform certain tasks. ORFE is liberal engineering education par excellence: you are not trained for any particular task, you are educated in a whole range of intellectual activities, and you are free to choose the work that you like or the paths that you want to explore. To that end, we give our graduates a strong background in mathematics and engineering, and they accumulate an understanding of economics and other complex human activities. We are sure that upon graduation, our students are ready to meet the challenges of the world.
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