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Bell Labs
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As the innovation engine behind Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs designs products and services that are at the forefront of communications technology, and conducts fundamental research in fields important to communications. Guided by both experience and vision, Bell Labs is taking the lead in shaping tomorrow's broadband networks powered with service intelligence at every network layer. The technology needs of leading service providers now drive our R&D efforts. For example, we have increased our investment in R&D that will enable simpler, more "service-friendly" networks with more intelligence in every layer. Bell Labs R&D also includes optical network technologies, packet data solutions, circuit-to-packet network migrations, spread-spectrum wireless technologies, and network operation and management software. Past Bell Labs breakthroughs - like transistors, lasers and digital encryption - are the basis of today's communications industry. Bell Labs maintains a small, but prolific, long-term research program. That research explores such areas as the future of wireless and optical networking, the Internet, multimedia communications, physics and mathematics.
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