Stem Cells in the Spotlight

Stem Cells in the Spotlight
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An introduction to stem cells, the building blocks of the body. What are Some Different Types of Stem Cells? Find out how the body uses stem cells to grow and develop. What is the Goal of Stem Cell Research? Why are researchers so interested in these cells, anyway? An introduction to the study of stem cells. Stem Cell Therapies: What is the Recipe for Success? How do researchers design and test a stem cell therapy? A step-by-step examination of a treatment for Parkinson's Disease. Stem Cell Therapies Today - Learn about established stem cell therapies currently in use. Stem Cell Therapies in the Future - Consider the potential for new stem cell therapies, as well as the challenges facing researchers working to develop them. Creating Stem Cells for Research. See how stem cells are cultured in the lab to create experimental models. What are Some Issues in Stem Cell Research? Consider some important questions in the debate over new stem cell technologies.
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