Back Off, Man! I'm a Scientist

Back Off, Man! Im a Scientist
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Description dylan stylesEver wonder what scientists do on the weekend? Do they party until dawn, talking about string theory with their hot dates, or do they spend the weekend alone in the lab analyzing their earwax? Dylan Styles, a chemist at Stanford University's Trost Lab, spent this past weekend - you guessed it - analyzing his earwax. What did he find? "I had NMR time anyway so I figured what the hell," writes Mr. Tenderbutton. "I scoped (sic) all 36 milligrams of my waxy secretion into a test tube and took it up in CDCl3. I was expecting it to go into solution freely, but there was a mass of material that wouldnt dissolve even with sonication[1]." In a word: Ew. But what do you expect from yet another MIT hack? Check out this close-up of his lab coat. Who said scientists don't know how to have fun?
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Submission Date Aug 17, 2006

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