Chemical Education Resource Shelf

Chemical Education Resource Shelf
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This resource archive is produced under the auspices of the Journal of Chemical Education Online. We are the source for the Journal's printed "Buyer's Guide", which appears annually with the April issue. The Resource Shelf contains hyperlinks to nearly all of the publishers who maintain Web pages, with links to publishers' pages devoted to individual titles. When they are available, we include citations and links to reviews. In "Hal's Picks of the Month", you will find recommendations of books and recent articles for teachers of chemistry and related sciences. There is an Index that covers the "Picks" since the feature began in 1995. "Journals for Chemical Educators" contains information about all those journals you should be reading, and hyperlinks to those who maintain Web pages. The coverage of software has been expanded to include course management software, graphing applications, and scientific mathematical processors. We also have information about molecular models and laboratory notebooks.
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